The Truth is Out There:

A Lot More Varieties to Sort Out
Genetic Finger Printing is the new tool in our tool box to help our industry in many ways starting with sorting thru the immeasurable number of Kentucky bluegrass varieties. Twenty years ago there may have been 15 to 20 varieties in the NTEP, now there is that many in one “type or grouping” of Kentucky Bluegrass. There is more genetic variation in Kentucky bluegrass than ever before but at the same time there are more varieties like each other than ever before. Genetic Finger Printing can be a tool to sort thru the numerous varieties we have to select from to insure genetic diversity in our blends.

Quality Control
In addition to the benefits Certified Sod Quality brings, Genetic Finger Printing can be an additional tool to verify that the variety in the bag is true to type. Our industry can test for germination, weed seed and other crop seed, however; without genetic finger printing we have no tool for genetic verification of variety.

Applied Research
The standard today with Kentucky bluegrass is to blend different variety types with different variety strengths. Do we know how one variety does as compared to another variety in the blend over the course of time? Genetic Finger Printing would be the tool to take turf samples to determine which variety is expressing itself in the blend. This information would enable us to do a better job of selecting varieties for future blends.

Improved our industry to increase the value of sod
It’s no secret. Products that consistent and continue to offers value stand the test of time. Genetic Finger Printing can take and keep our industry at the next level.

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