Welcome to Summit Seed, Inc. Our company focuses on high value products that provide excellent results for our customers. Our specialty is turf grass seed that include seed mixtures designed for specific applications including residential lawns, sod producers, golf course, sports turf and low maintenance turf.

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by the Summit Turf Grass Center created the spring of 1999. We are in the process of planting a wide range of plots for our customers' viewing and education that will include the leading edge genetics that will allow us to better turf managers.

Summit Seed was started twenty years ago in partnership with Dean and Roger Hupe of Evergreen Sod Farm, Peotone, Illinois. The primary focus was to find better Kentucky bluegrass varieties and cleaner seed lots for their sod farm. When Summit Seed was started we had no turfgrass seed experience nor knew anything about sod production. We were educated and trained by a sod farm on their specific turfgrass seed needs and how their needs are different from other sectors within the turfgrass industry. Even though Summit Seed was always an independent company marketing turfgrass seed, we tended to think more like a sod farm than a traditional seed company. You might say we were raised by the wolves. Early on we learned that Kentucky bluegrass is a very unique species not only within the turfgrass industry but as a species in general. Selecting Bluegrass varieties meant considerable evaluations under a wide range of management and environmental conditions in the search for the right varieties.

In December 1995 Ed Lee and Ron Edwards purchased Evergreen Sod Farms interest in Summit Seed. And in January 1999 we moved to our current location west of Manteno, Illinois to fulfill our vision to have evaluation plots to help make recommendations for the sod farm industry. Thousands of plots and several worn out seed probes from testing seed lots later our focus after twenty years remains the same. To be searching for improved Kentucky bluegrass varieties and cleanest seed lots available for the turfgrass sod farm industry.

One thing is for sure, the next twenty years will be nothing like the last twenty years. We live in the information age; yet there seems to be more misinformation than ever before. The turfgrass industry faces many challenges that are tied to water conservation and other environmental issues. Our opportunity is to educate the marketplace that turfgrass including sod is a solution for water conservation and improving our environment. In the future we must learn to be better marketers of our turfgrass products while still managing production issues.

 Self Feeding Lawn Brochure Now Available

The new Self Feeding Lawn Brochure is available for download in Adobe PDF format. Learn about all of the great benefits of a Self Feeding Lawn....

 Spring Plot Visit

Give us a call to schedule a time to come by and view the plots, the spring time is a great time to see varieties coming out of dormancy....